A Letter To Jarvis Redeemer Church Columbus Ohio

This letter was written to Willard Javis, Pastor of Redeemer Church, Columbus, Ohio,

Nothing is impossible with God Luke 1:37

Willard Javis was a former Southern Baptist Preacher.  All team members were former Southern Baptists who began to believe in the power of God.

April 13, 1977

Dear Brother Jarvis and Saints, Dearly Beloved, greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

We have just finished one of the greatest crusades we have ever had in all of India. The first night there were 750 and it grew until the meetings were tremendous. It grew until there was literally a sea of humanity, a human ocean. One the last night there were over 100,000. So many had been healed that they pressed against the platform until part of it collapsed. Actually scores of cripples were healed. 

To show how mighty the power of God was flowing, one evening just as a brother stood up to open the meetings in a word of prayer, five cripples were healed. Also during the crusade, one seven-year-old village boy, a Lumbarde, that had died that morning was raised from the dead and healed. Lepers were cleansed, many blind eyes were opened, deaf ears were restored with sound, those that were dumb since birth were healed and tumors disappeared. One man had a large tumor on his face that burst and ran down his face during the meetings and left no trace of it. 

One little hunch-backed boy who had to walk with his hands on his knees was healed and is now able to walk normally. Also he had a great big smile on his face for what God had done for him. Another man that was born with crippled legs that had to remain in the same position all the time was healed and demonstrated his healing by walking and running on the platform. Another cripple case that God had so much compassion on was a man that had to crawl on the ground like an animal. god restored him perfectly. 

Many with epilepsy, issues of blood, in fact every type of sickness and disease was healed. One man with cancer for the last seven years with no hope of living was cured! Another case was of a child that was born without eyes that suddenly was found with eyes in his empty sockets. There are numerous cases of creative miracles. 

There is actually too much that the Lord did to relate it all on paper. We must give God all the glory, all the honor and all the praise. It was our lovely Jesus and Him alone that healed each and every one. Some people came from 20-100 miles miles away to the meeting. Thousands camped on the crusade grounds each night, waiting for the next meetings. 

Before the meetings, God spoke that there would be a healing wave flow over the masses of people, and He did just that! Each night thousands repented and turned to Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour. One local pastor said they would be baptizing hundreds this week. Over one thousand villages were represented. All the local churches cooperated and the meeting was held in a large Baptist field. 

My wife got to be with me for one month in India and also she was able to stay the entire crusade. This was her first time to be with me in six years. She was real blessing and strength to the entire team. She was also able to share some real words of wisdom to the new believers. The crusade was held in Warangal. 

Now we are in Udaiur hoping to be able to finish a 19-day meeting. It is being held in a large stadium that can hold up to 200,000 people. Please pray. Prayer is the key that unlocks the heavens of God. Pray also for the team; there are about 20 of us now. Hoping to hear from you soon. Your brother who loves you very much, in the bonds of Calvary for the millions of Asia. - Ray Jennings

This is a retype from the original letter for printing clarity.

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