There Are No J's in The Hebrew Language

There are no J’s in the Hebrew language. 

Over five hundred years after the apostles died their names were changed to Greek. Greek was the world’s language, as English is today. Read my blog post The Name Of The Lord Yahweh The Creator to learn more. 

         Jesus = Yahshua

   Yah = The Father (John 5:43 come in the Father’s name)

          Shua = The Son, Savior

Holy Ghost = Greek ‘Pneuma Hagion (the spirit that is holy)

Yah - The self-existing one; always was, is, and is to come.

(John 8:54 Before Abraham was, I AM)

Shua (Son) - He who is a savior; He who is salvation (rescue or safety) physically or morally;                  to deliver; health; save (make whole); saving health; preservation of life (soul), in the flesh

Holy Ghost - The spirit that is holy (pneuma hagion), the Spirit of the Father is Holy.

(John 10:30, John 14:10, 11)

Isa. 9:6; 7:14; 8:8

Luke 2:4, Matt. 1:23

Joshua=Yahshua, Yah is salvation,

Moses=Mosheh, saved by water

Elijah=Eliyahu, Yah is God

Jacob=Ya’akob, heel catcher, contender

Jacob changed to Israel=Yisra’el, God Contends

Judah=Y’hudah, Praise

Jews= Yahudim, Yah’s wife (bride)

John=Yahuchanon, Yah shows favor

Ezekiel= Yechezqel, God will strengthen

Saul= Sha’ul, asked for, prayed for

Peter= Kepha, called Cephas in Gal 2:9; John 1:42

Peter= (Greek), a loose and moveable stone

Jerusalem= Yerushalayim, city of peace

Pure words Ps. 12:6

Thy word is very pure Ps. 119:140

I turn to the people a pure language Zeph. 3:9

Meaning to clarify i.e. brighten; examine; select:-make right; choice; chosen; cleanse (be clean); clearly; polished; (shew self) pure(ify); purge (out)

Heb. 10:22 pure water

Heb. 10:23 hold fast to your profession (covenant)

Acts 11:16