How Witnessing For Christ Can Help Others

When witnessing for Christ the only thing you need for somebody is the love of Christ.

plow fallow ground

In Uganda they are being pushed hard into the system. They have a new president in Uganda and Ghana.  A month and half before David left the president said they need to go cashless. They don’t know what they are walking into. Those of them that have been taught know now.   

In India and Congo they are talking away the cash.  The ploy is they are saying everyone is hiding money. They want to take away large bills. In Congo people are in the streets for three days trying to get their money out of the bank. People who don’t have money in the bank can’t buy food. They can’t do anything.

People are using their phones to buy. When you use the internet you’re using 666.

People hide money. Years ago David knew the Muslins were hiding money. Some of them are helping terrorist. Some are helping their family. You have a lot of immigrants from all over that come and work and send money back home. They work for two or three years and go back home. Even the women are doing it because their husband can’t find work.

At times when David uses his card he says you know they’re going to take away the cash. A few times their eyeballs almost pop out of their head because they are hiding money.

David asked a Muslim at a gas station about his credit card processor for the smart card. He said it wasn’t set up yet. David told him the next step is a chip in your hand or forehead. The man just laughed. David told him they are planning on taking away the cash. David explains to people how they are walking into the snare of the devil.  On billboards you see more and more to use your phone to do banking which more and more people are doing here now.

David was asked about witnessing.

He wants to talk about letting people know what’s going on. David passes out literature. Before David goes into scripture he wants us to know the only thing you need is the love of God for somebody. David told a pastor look at your kids they’re going to die. They’re going into this trap.

An old scripture came to mind to plow up your fallow ground. In some ways David does a lot of plowing. The next step is to plant the seed. It gets watered, fertilized and somebody reaps the crop. There are different roles you can play in opening people’s eyes to what’s going on. Simply because you hate to see them going where they’re going. It doesn’t take any more than that.

There’s a man that prophesied the Lord put Donald Trump in office to slow things down because the church wasn’t ready. He doesn’t understand what getting ready is but it came to pass. David told Terry we’ll see if he’s a lying prophet of not. A guy in Nigeria said the same thing. How long he’ll stay in office, or how long the church has to make herself ready we don’t know. David hates to keep talking about the future when we should be living by faith today. This day live by faith.

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